A Glimpse of HackaSuly 2019

A Glimpse of HackaSuly 2019

2018 was the birth year of HackaSuly as the first hackathon in Sulaimani city. With no prior experience, HackaSuly ended up being one of the most significant tech events in the region. More than 79 tech enthusiasts with more than 20 entrepreneurial ideas, HackaSuly experienced unexpected success in a way that its success echoed through all the region. Therefore, based on the demand of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and education institutions, HackaSuly organizers decided to launch it again in 2019. However, 2019’s HackaSuly comes in a different form and agenda. Although the 2018’s event holds its authenticity and success accompanied by it, the difference between 2018 and 2019 is that in 2019’s, the competition would be more specialized in three paths. In 2018, the participants were not required to follow a particular path. They were free to come up with any idea they desired, but this is going to change in 2019’s event. In this short blog, the paths and the reasons behind each path are shortly explained.

The first path that participants can choose from is AI and data science path. In today’s tech trends, AI is everywhere. AI implementations have boosted the technology revolution, and very particularly the way that software functions our daily life. Self-driving cars, voice assistant features, such as Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, even our Youtube recommendation list, they all share one core aspect and it is AI. Furthermore, it is a fact that AI cannot function without a massive amount of data feeding some statistical algorithms, therefore, the term AI and data science are always come together. Beside its sole implementation as a tech engine, AI has a massive contribution to the business processes, and for the last few years, AI has boosted the overall business processes. With the acknowledgment of the significance of AI, it is obvious that our region lacks the proper knowledge and implementation of AI in almost every aspect of our life. HackaSuly organizers have realized the absence and significance of AI. Therefore, they have specified one of the paths to be AI for the sake of promoting this great aspect of tech. What HackaSuly wishes are that soon, AI could be seen in almost all the aspect in of the tech industry in the region.

Besides AI, E-society is marked as another path for HackaSuly 2019. What this region suffers from is the lack of digital systems in both private and public sectors, and this causes slow and tiring processes for the individuals. Nowadays, digital transformation is considered as one of the huge tech revolutions, in which old paper-based business processes are transformed into digital data backed systems. Digital systems can guarantee improved efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and more importantly, they can produce continuous improvement in business environments. This year, one of the paths in HackaSuly is dedicated to E-society. The main reason behind this path is to inspire tech enthusiasts to generate new ideas that promote the digital transformation revolution in one the public and private aspects in the region. What HackaSuly wishes are to gradually transform old paper-based systems into digital systems that gradually enhances the overall business processes and produces data that can be used to further revolutionize the sector.

The last path of this year’s HackaSuly is dedicated to FineTech. FinTech is defined as computer programs that support to enable online payment systems and financial services. With no doubt, this region suffers from not having or supporting digital payment solutions. Until today, old cash-based transactions are the most trustworthy method of payment, and for sure, the lack of digital payment solutions negatively impact the region to fall behind recent developments that are going around globally because most of the recent development only depend on online or digital payment procedures. Lack of digital payment solutions has always resulted in missing a lot of opportunities for the entire region. This year at HackaSuly, this obstacle has been addressed, and promoting ideas that bring a modern digital payment system is one of the priorities of this year’s HackaSuly. What HackaSuly expects from its participant is to let them know how the lack of this system has caused tens of obstacles, and HackaSuly provides every support to boost the participants to break that obstacle by bringing their great ideas to end this era.

The last word that needs to be said is that this year’s HackaSuly is not only a tech event over a weekend, rather it is a point, where serious issues within this society are addresses and directed to a group of talented youth, who are provided with every support in order to let their great ideas come into existence to eliminate those issues, and this is a true reflection of HackaSuly’s motto, which says “where amazing ideas begin”