What Did Participants Do in HackaSuly 2018?

What Did Participants Do in HackaSuly 2018?

Despite being its birth year, first HackaSuly participants boosted the event, and transformed the event to a next level. The variety of the ideas, technical skills, and presentation methods made the event to be unprecedently fascinating. 11 projects with 34 hackers were in an intense competition made it through to the finals of the event. The followings are a brief detail about each project with the name of the participants:

1. AR Universe

Name of the Members: Kosha Hussain, Razhan Hussain, Miran Kamal, Zardasht Mudur, Safen Mohammed
Idea: It is very extraordinary to combine entertainment with learning. This group developed a mobile app that that presented the wonders of cosmos through an AR image within a smartphone. What made the project more interesting was that they had a deck of cards, each specified for a planet. When the camera of the smartphone pointed to a card, AR 3D image accompanied with information about that planet was appearing on the smartphone screen.

2. BPB

Name of Members: Lavin Othman, Ata Salar, Hayas Ismael
Idea: Heartbeats indicate a lot about one’s health. This group of participants designed a lightweight bracelet that constantly measured heartbeat of users. In case of fast pulsing, the bracelet makes beeping noise to warn the person and people in the surrounding.

3. Biochemistry Pictionary

Name of Members: Dereen Najat, Lanja Salahadin
Idea: Images help humans to understand a concept better. Two biochemistry students developed a mobile app that visualized a scientific biochemistry concept or term. Each term was accompanied by Kurdish and English explanation.

4. Career Advice

Name of Members: Mohammed Saadwn, Mohammed Dler
Idea: Finding and following a career math may be confusing for most of the people. This group developed a web-based application, in which a various group of career paths were identified, accompanied by the skills required to fulfill that career.

5. Visual Hope

Name of Members: Haval Rezan, Lawand Diyari, Przha Jabar
Idea: Helping blind people to feel what an image looks like was the idea of this group. Blind people cannot see, but they can hear. This group developed an application that converted images into sounds by changing every pixel into sound waves. That way they enabled blind people to hear and feel what an image looks like.

6. Suly Guide

Name of Members: Safin Azad, Walid Rahman, Renwa Hiwa, Pavel Younis, Aso Othman
Idea: When foreigners visit a city, they face difficulty about not finding a place in the city. This group of participants create a tourism backed directory for Sulaimany, in which everyone could see the tourist sites in the city, such as, restaurants, cafes, etc.

7. Noise Art

Name of Member: Azher Taimoor, Ismael Mohammed
Idea: We are all surrounded by noise, and most of the time, that noise is disturbing or annoying for people. This group tried to create an application that convert noises into visual arts that changes people’s perspective about noise.

8. Look Up

Name of Members: Aran Nasih, Hawkar Omer
Idea: This group developed a web-based application, in which people can make new friends and socialize online. The idea of this group beardly covers the concept of meeting random new people and make friends out of random people online.

9. Hello Car

Name of Members: Bilend Mohamed, Karzan Kamal, Mohammed Ali
Idea: Using one of the most recent navigation technologies, a platform was developed in, which passengers and goods could be transformed throughout map. What made this platform unique was that instant data was sharing with the users of the platform, meaning users could track their tours second by second. Furthermore, during the transformation process, all the payments were done throughout the platform itself.

10. Easy Bus

Name of Members: Mahmood Qahtan, Zhyar Sadiq, Ardalan Friad, Renas Fuad
Idea: One of the crises in transportation in this region is the weakness of public transportation. Public transportation services do not meet high standards. This group, however, redesigned bus systems in the public transportation system. They developed a platform, in which instant tracking was added to the busses, and this feature transformed the public transportation system, which eventually contributed to a better transportation system in the region.

11. Patient’s Cloud

Name of Members: Dawar Fuad, Rebin Najmadin, Arukh Shkur
Idea: Lack of professional communication between patients and doctors has led to serious crises in the health sector in this region. This group developed a cloud-based storage that shared very sensitive data about each patient. When a patient wanted to visit doctor, a doctor had access to very crucial and sensitive data about this patient. This system highly avoided mistreatment because it provided a better communication platform between patients and doctors.

What HackSuly 2018 participants came up with was a variety of creative and radical ideas. All the ideas were unique and authentic, which indicates that our youths have a bright potential inside them. What HackaSuly 2018 aimed was to engage those youths in a way that change that potential into real life project, and gladly, the result was unbelievable. These extraordinary ideas were the result of only few days of working. We believe that our youths still possess more, and this is what we are looking for in HackaSuly 2019.